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10 Criteria for Picking The Best Mobile App Developer (Part 2)

  • Posted: Thursday May 9th
  • Continuing from Part 1:

    Sixth: Testing And Debugging
    Without a doubt, the most challenging part of any mobile App development project is testing and debugging. The more experienced a developer is, the more comprehensive debugging you will possibly get. If you have a big project, I would recommend finding an independent freelancer to check your mobile App against broken links, errors, poor navigations, design glitches, tablet compatibility, and more, before launching your App.

    Seventh: Maintenance Matters
    If you are serious about your business growth while being determined to gain competitive advantage in the online business, you must pick and choose a developer who has expertise in handling maintenance jobs. They are five key questions to ask when it comes to the maintenance:
    I. What is the average length of their response time?
    II. Do they have incidence-based or monthly-based maintenance plans?
    III. Do they backup your project files and protect you against data lost?
    IV. Do they subcontract the maintenance to another party, or have an in-house maintenance team?
    V. Do they have phone or chat support (preferably dedicated support line)?
    Even if you have a small mobile App or business ideas, you should prefer maintenance savvy developers to the novice ones.

    Eight: Database Knowledge
    I have been astonished to see many experienced developers out there who just know the first thing about the database development. It stems from the fact that the overwhelming majority of developers have background in computer science and/or computer engineering but not business. However, to craft a solid database structure, a developer must know about the business processes of a business or an idea. Personally, I do not write any code for a big project, unless I finalize its database structure first.

    Ninth: Dedicated Server Management
    When it comes to maintaining a dedicated server, the most of inexperienced developers fall flat. If you are planning to expand your business in the horizon, it is better to target developers who are capable of maintaining a dedicated server. Ask them:
    I. How they restore the server if the server is crashed?
    II. How they setup and run server maintenance routine jobs, like server backup?
    III. Do they know about server redundancies and server load balancing?
    IV. How they are going to protect your server against server intrusion attacks?
    V. Do they have good knowledge of domain name servers, database servers, mail servers, and application servers?

    Tenth: Version Control And Unit Testing
    The Version Control lets developers to keep track of the different versions of your mobile App professionally. The Unit Testing basically lets developers check the new App features against your existing App for compatibility and performance. It is advisable to see if your prospect developer is competent for handling Version Control and Unit Testing.

    To sum up, when you decide hiring your next developer, it is better to include aforementioned factors in your screening and decision process. Make sure to strike the balance between all factors and your needs before making up your mind.