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Explosive growth in mobile technology over the past several years has made it vital that businesses implement a solid mobile marketing strategy in order to reach customers on their mobile devices.

Most business owners understand this growing trend, yet there is often confusion around which platform is better, mobile Apps or responsive websites and while acquiring both is ideal it can be difficult for some ventures to afford both platforms.

If you’re a business owner that has to choose between the two, you’ve probably noticed that responsive mobile options are more affordable, while making SEO easier as they can be indexed by the search engines.

While these benefits are important, going with a native mobile App has the advantage of providing an enhanced customer experience, allowing for unique functionality with increased speed, precision and functionality designed specifically for your customer’s chosen operating system.

Mobile Apps are more intuitive and utilize additional functionality built into the user’s phone to enhance performance; most importantly, studies have found that mobile App purchases account for Approximately 76% of App marketplace revenues thanks to quick, easy buying functionality built into mobile Apps.
For many business owners, going with a native App is the clear choice.

Our website clients include many complex applications such as WEG2G (an advance social site). The WEG2G application, for example, has over 200 pages.