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While responsive web design has a variety of distinct advantages over native Apps including cost-effectiveness, the ability to run on all devices rather than having to be developed across several platforms and distinct SEO advantages, native Apps are still the choice of many businesses.
Other advantages of Native Apps over Responsive Web Design include:

  • • Enhanced performance due to functionality integration with the user’s phone
  • • Increased personalization and more targeted and defined user experience
  • • More intense and tailored user interface complexity
  • • Superior purchasing functionality allowing for faster, more efficient purchasing
  • • Increased capacity for transferring data; native Apps are not reliant on network speed
  • • Enhanced security and data safety
  • • App marketing opportunities available through the App Store
  • • A proven platform and opportunity to generate iOS App revenues

While responsive web design boasts many advantages, the overall efficiency in the functionality of native Apps makes them the best choice for many business owners.

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