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Web Mobile App Vs. Native App: Which One To Choose

  • Posted: Monday April 1st
  • Clients often contact us here at DC Web Makers Company and ask us an important question: Do I need a web mobile App or native App for my small business? It is a critical question for owners interested in presenting their business professionally to smartphone holders. Motivated by the lack of public awareness and my years of expertise in developing mobile Apps, I decided to write an article explaining the main pros and cons of web mobile Apps versus native ones.

    Nowadays the majority of people are using smartphones, and they have access to mobile Apps via their smartphones. A mobile Application or commonly known as a mobile App is a stand-alone application (like software or website) that performs some tasks and has some functionality. It is mainly developed and targeted for all or one particular phone device. There are primary two types of mobile Apps out there: native App and web App.

    The native Apps can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play, whereas the web Apps can be accessed easily by typing the URL address in the mobile or tablet internet browser. Web Apps have the following ten benefits over the native ones:

    1. Faster design and development time
    2. Identical source codes for all phone devices
    3. Ease of maintenance versus native Apps
    4. High flexibility in integrations, upgrades, and features
    5. Ease of integration with existing websites
    6. Much better solutions to website responsive designs in terms of costs
    7. Close "Look and Feel" as the native Apps
    8. Ease of upgrading to the native App
    9. Great "Look and Feel" on majority of tablet devices such as iPad and Android Tablet.
    10. Ease of debugging and error handing
    Nonetheless, here are main cons of web Apps:
    1. Lack of download option
    2. Slower performance than native Apps
    3. Lack of support for all native features of smartphones

    By comparing the strengths and weaknesses of web Apps versus native ones, you can easily see that web Apps are the number one choice for the small businesses. Indeed, most of the 500 fortune companies currently have professional web Apps. Likewise, I have had clients who insisted on having native Apps (even though I advised them otherwise), but their App got rejected from the Apple Store. Unfortunately, Apple reviewers mainly provide you with subjective not objective responses, which means your invested money is gone (the last thing small business owners want to experience). In the near future, I am going to shed more light on this subject and render business owners and entrepreneurs with true stories behind web and native Apps.