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"To have done anything just for money is to have been truly idle"

Henry David Thoreau

At DC Web Makers, we love what we do. Not only do we have a collegial work settings, but we also encourage our staff to be creative. To put it in a nutshell, our staff have the following general qualifications in common:

  • > Passion for what they are doing
  • > Sense of curiosity and inquisitiveness

  • > Ability to pick-up new ideas quickly
  • > Put their imaginations at work

What They Take Away From Our Internship Program

  1. Alexander Fang

    Application Search Engine Optimizer

    High School Junior
    Winston Churchill High School
    As a former developer, working in SEO over the summer helped me understand how much more depth there is web development. I really enjoyed this internship because of the flexible schedule, interesting work, and friendly coworkers. Even though I worked remotely, I was still able to easily communicate with my supervisor and send my work in.
    Overall I had a great internship experience and would recommend DC Web Makers to anyone interested in computer and web development.

  2. Jack Saylor

    Application Usability Analyzer

    High School Junior
    Wootton High School
    At DC Web Makers, I examined advanced websites with the purpose of finding bugs and malfunctioning.This challenged me to look closely at what the functions of websites do and how to explain the problems they had in reports. I now know what functioning websites look like and more about debugging applications.

  3. Yan Mao

    Lead Application Developer

    Master of Science
    During this summer, I acquired a lot of experience of using PHP and MySQL to develop dynamic website and web application. Also, I have a better understanding of mobile web application development by JavaScript and Ajax.

  4. Aditya Mithas

    Application Search Engine Optimizer

    High School Junior
    Wootton High School
    This experience was great because I learned that although the work I do to optimize our search engine results isn't plainly visible right away, it is still indeed very important to an organization's marketing.

  5. Jookwang Barnabas Lee

    Application Search Engine Optimizer

    High School Junior
    Wootton High School
    The internship was a pleasant experience. Although unorganized and lacking the formality of a traditional internship, the workplace and workload was very laid back. Enjoyed the flexible hours and the work from home. Did not really get many chances to interact with other interns. I thought it was very helpful because I could hold three other jobs and still complete the tasks assigned me.

  6. Imran Choudhary

    Application Content Specialist

    Bachelor of Arts
    This past summer, I learned about how to post blogs, edit websites, some basic programming language, how to record videos, convert them to MP3, and upload them onto YouTube and the Media Center. Now I strongly believe that my writing skills and programming has gotten better. I feel more confident about my skills improving the more I applied them everyday on the job, and I look forward to improving them in the future.

Job Openings

I. Sale Force Associate


  • Promote and advertise company services professionally
  • Attract and develop new prospects
  • Craft project proposals
  • Maintain professional client relationship throughout the project life cycle
  • Specific Qualifications:

  • Solid communication skills, especially oral and writing
  • Passion for marketing and advertising especially in the service industry
  • Basic knowledge of web design and development required
  • Good at numbers and basic math
  • Double major in marketing and information system preferred

II. Lead Web Developer


  • Web design and development done in Ajax and PHP
  • Web mobile (Android and iOS) App development in jQuery Mobile
  • Native mobile (Android and iOS) App development
  • CSS, HTML, and basic design works
  • Specific Qualifications:

  • Attention to details
  • Passion for backend coding
  • Solid knowledge of JavaScript and Ajax required
  • Good knowledge of PHP, CSS, HTML5, and MySQL required
  • Ability to pick-up new ideas quickly

III. Lead Web Designer


  • Develop and improve HTML or static websites
  • Create and refine graphic works for static and dynamic sites
  • Design and refine logos and/or custom graphic works
  • Design and improve marketing contents and company graphic works
  • Collaborate with clients, project supervisors, and/or other developers in crafting project wire frames
  • Specific Qualifications:

  • Solid knowledge of and/or prior experience with CSS coding
  • Prior experience with graphic design software, like Photoshop
  • Attention to details
  • Ability to work independently with little assistance
  • Solid knowledge of HTML and HTML5 required
  • Prior work and/or experience with JavaScript is a plus

IV. Web App Specialist


  • Develop mobile App applications
  • Design and develop mobile App databases
  • Package Web applications as native App using PhoneGap
  • Synchronize websites with mobile Apps
  • Improve and maintain mobile Apps
  • Specific Qualifications:

  • Good Knowledge of CSS
  • Solid Knowledge of JavaScript Programming
  • Prior experience with HTML5 and/or jQuery mobile required
  • Basic knowledge of MySQL database
  • Good knowledge of server-side programming like PHP
  • Multi-tasking and time management skills
  • Ability to communicate new ideas clearly
  • Basic knowledge of graphic design software like Photoshop preferred

V. Company President


  • Manage company projects and clients
  • Manage company software applications
  • Manage company maintenances
  • Lead company staffs in collaboration with HR Manager
  • Set and control company budgets
  • Conduct company staff meetings
  • Develop and refine staff training plans in association with HR Manager
  • Assist Accounting Manager with taxation and auditing
  • Specific Qualifications:

  • Prior demonstrated experience in leading a start-up company or working in top management or IT consulting companies
  • Capacity for decision making
  • Superior communications skills
  • Proven records of personal accomplishments preferred
  • Self-motivated and self-disciplined with positive work attitudes
  • Good knowledge of website, mobile App, and/or software developments

VI. Office Manager


  • Manage office supplies, office software, and hardware needs
  • Perform office clerical tasks
  • Manage all company soft resources like servers, domains, accounts and etc
  • Organize and manage all office documents
  • Manage company admin portals
  • Develop and conduct company monthly social events
  • Draw client project wire frames;
  • Specific Qualifications:

  • Good communication skills, especially oral and writing
  • Strong time-management skills such as ability to organize, set priorities, and follow through
  • Ability to work effectively on multiple tasks with multiple deadlines simultaneously
  • Attention to details

VII. HR Manager


  • Develop and manage company new positions; screen, interview, and recruit staffs;
  • Organize company on campus career fairs; craft and refine overarching plans for staff perks or fringe benefits;
  • Conduct company performance appraisals or staff promotion evaluations;
  • Organize all company social events
  • Specific Qualifications:

  • Demonstrated communicational skills in writing, speaking, and listening;
  • Proven multi-tasking and time mgmt skills;
  • Demonstrated experience and/or confidence in meeting and socializing with new people;

VIII. Accountant Manager


  • Develop company quarterly balance sheets and profit loss statements
  • Draw company taxation (state and federal)
  • Craft and monitor company budgets; develop financial summaries like ROI or cash flow analyses
  • Handle all client billing inquiries
  • Specific Qualifications:

  • Demonstrated experience and/or knowledge of practical corporate accounting
  • Proven ability to develop company balance sheet and profit loss statements
  • Demonstrated knowledge of tax accounting; experienced in drawing company cash flows and financial summaries
  • CPA preferred

Career FAQs

Check out Prospect Staffs FAQs for details

Training Programs

At DC Web Makers, any new staff (intern, contract, or full-time) is viewed as an investment to the company growth and productivity. As a result, our HR team devises a training plan which best fits your career goals and credentials. Our training programs are meant to promote the sense of creativity and inquisitiveness in our staffs. Likewise, majority of our trainings are developed as learning from examples.

The Future of Company

In the near future, we are planning to expand our services by opening new branches in DC and Virginia. Likewise, we are going to launch our advance PDAppt software and promote our services to prospect doctors.

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