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10 Criteria for Picking The Best Mobile App Developer (Part 1)

  • Posted: Thursday May 2nd
  • As the popularity of the mobile Apps grows, small businesses and entrepreneurs tend to hire a developer (freelancer or company) for their mobile App ideas. The problem is that the majority of business owners does not have an IT background. Thus, they wonder on what basis to screen and select the best developer for their next mobile App project. Speaking from years of experiences as a freelancer, an IT consultant, and a mobile App developer, I would like to share with you the ten key criteria for screening (and potentially hiring) a developer:

    First: Subcontractor Or Main Developer
    The very first question to ask is whether they are the main developer or subcontractors. There are five reasons behind this question:
    I. Subcontractors sometimes do not have any background in coding, and they can not answer your technical questions when needed.
    II. Subcontractors sometimes sub-assign their tasks to other parties where you may experience a lot of miscommunications and wrong interpretations. Especially during the development stage.
    III. When it comes to the maintenance, you may have hard time getting proper responses in a timely manner.
    IV. If any legal issues arise out of the contract, you can not take hold of overseas subcontractors.
    V. If confidentiality and property right are important for your business, make sure to consider this factor upfront.

    Second: Detailed Estimates
    The second most important factor is the developer transparency in rending the project estimates. Ask them for an itemized list of deliverable tasks, including their corresponding estimates. That way, you can easily verify what you pay for, and what you should expect at the time of delivery.

    Third: Project Progress Reports
    Although it sounds very obvious to ask about your project's progress reports, business owners usually forget communicating this upfront. It is a good idea to follow your project's progress incrementally (or at different milestones) and give developers feedback in a timely manner if they're not doing what you paid for.

    Fourth: Roadmaps And Milestones
    This is a factor where the majority of novice developers fail to deliver. An ideal experienced developer will layout different phases or roadmaps for your project and develop few milestones for each roadmap. In other words, they should know the basics of project management. If you are improving your App, or adding mobile App to your website, another key question to ask is how they are going to integrate the mobile App with your existing website. Therefore, make sure they have demonstrated expertise for websites to mobile App integrations from both business and technical perspectives.

    Fifth: Platform And Programming Languages
    Often times, it gives you an upper hand if you just know the name of programming languages. Here are three questions to ask:
    I. Are you developing a web mobile App or native mobile App?
    II. Are you using any cross-platform languages like JavaScript or native languages like Java (Android) and Objective-C (iPhone)?
    III. Are you using cross-platform databases (like remote MySQL database) or device-embedded local databases?

    Stay tuned for Part 2......