QR Barcodes: 15 Business Examples (Part 2)

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Unleash The Power of QR Barcodes: 15 Business Examples (Part 2)

  • Posted: Wednesday June 12th
  • Continuing from Part 1:

    6. Hotels
    QR barcodes can be used for faster check-in/check-out, opting in/out hotel residents to extra services, tracking how frequently one person visits the hotel, developing loyalty programs, branding, and marketing.

    7. Real Estate
    QR barcodes have something to offer to brokers, agents, owners, and property managers. Here, I just briefly review some of them:
    - Assigning one unique QR barcode to each residential property, like houses
    - Assigning one unique QR barcode to each apartment or commercial unit
    - Assigning one unique code to all apartment residents
    - Utilizing QR barcodes for guests and resident entry/exit (security) checking

    8. Churches
    It might be surprising to see how churches can use QR barcodes to keep track of their donors, conduct basic donor analyses (like frequency and depth of donations by one donor over time), check in/out church members to (possibly) track most active members, and more.

    9. Non-profit Companies
    Non-profit companies can do what I mentioned for churches and more. From marketing and campaigns to donor relationship managements, QR barcodes has something to offer.

    10. Hospitals
    The hospitals managers and board members might be stunned if they know how a QR barcode can reduce their overhead costs and their system redundancies. When patients signup to the hospital for the first time, they can assign a unique barcode to them and afterward can quickly follow the patient activities like health records at any time by just scanning the QR barcodes. It is sometimes very important to get the patient info as fast as possible for live threatening cases where QR barcodes can be life saviors.

    Stay tuned for Part 3...