QR Barcodes: 15 Business Examples (Part 3)

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Unleash The Power of QR Barcodes: 15 Business Examples (Part 3)

  • Posted: Thursday June 20th
  • Continuing from Part 2...

    11. Doctors
    There are at least four ways in which doctors can harness the power of QR barcodes. First, assigning unique barcodes to each patient for easy patient tracking and management. Second, incorporating barcodes into their marketing and promotion materials. Third, managing internal staffs and even visitors. Fourth, monitor and track clinic inventories from the office to medical supplies. The last option alone can save many doctors lots of money per year.

    12. Gas Or Mechanic Stations
    Gas and/or mechanic stations can assign QR barcodes to each driver and/or car for tracking the frequent (or loyal) customers and possibly reward them with special offers.

    13. Gym Or Fitness Centers
    Gym and/or Fitness Centers can use the QR barcodes for managing the member activities and possibly enroll them in their social events or extra services. Also, they can develop short instruction videos for all gym devices and add QR barcode labels to each gym device. That way, the members can scan the barcodes and watch (or learn) them for free. It is a promising way to keep members coming back.

    14. Museum Or Art Galleries
    Museums and art galleries can develop one unique barcode for each artifact to explain its history and information. It can easily engage visitors while allowing them to learn the special features of their artifacts. Likewise, QR barcode can be used for monitoring the frequent visitors and tracking visitor preferences.

    15. Magazines
    Magazines can accompany their articles with one unique barcode where the user can watch the article-related videos. For example, if you interview with an artist for your next article, you would be better off capturing and uploading the interview video on your server. Then, you can use QR barcode to connect your article with your videos while improving your readers' experiences.

    By now, you understand where the QR barcode is heading, and how it is going to affect the operations of many businesses in the horizon. Indeed, the next generation of barcode or three dimension barcodes are currently under development. When it becomes available, it can deeply transform the operation of many businesses. Finally, the power of QR barcodes is not limited to 15 covered businesses. Therefore, find ways to utilize it in your own business and have fun.