QR Barcodes: 15 Business Examples (Part 1)

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Unleash The Power of QR Barcodes: 15 Business Examples (Part 1)

  • Posted: Thursday June 6th
  • The concept of barcodes have been around for many years. In particular, some businesses, such as postal companies, libraries, and retail stores can hardly operate without barcodes. At this point, there are primary two types of barcodes: One-dimension, and Two-dimension. In plain text, a barcode holds some information, like a product serial number, URL address, product name, etc. Quick Response (QR) barcode is a two-dimension barcode that is mainly used by many businesses for marketing purposes. Also, the majority of new Smartphones comes with handy barcode readers, in addition to many free downloadable barcode reader Apps. Now that you know the QR barcodes, let's see how it is going to benefit from the following 15 businesses:

    1. Restaurants
    Restaurants can add barcodes to their menus where customers can see more images or even videos of each recipe. So while customers are waiting for the food, they can scan the barcodes, review the menu, and possibly order more foods.

    2. Tour Operators
    I have developed a custom barcode reader software for a tour operator in DC. It allows them to easily keep track of their travelers and offering special services to certain travelers using the QR barcodes when being abroad.

    3. Big Venues
    Big venues can harness the power of barcodes for selling and processing their tickets. I did one big project for a company in DC for issuing secure tickets with a unique QR barcode on each ticket while processing tickets, using a remote database and a local database (as backup).

    4. Small Clubs
    The small clubs or nightclubs can use barcodes for age entry, track how much one person drinks liquors per night, process event tickets, and more.

    5. Public And Private Schools
    Schools can assign one unique barcode to each student and easily track their activities. That way, by just scanning the student barcode, the staffs can pull-out all the student information instantly.

    Stay tuned for Part 2....