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How Cyber Security Affects My Business: 10 Solutions (Part 1)

  • Posted: Sunday May 12th
  • With over 100 million registered domain names out there and the low cost of entry, the World Wide Web has entered into its gigantic operation. For example, billions of email messages are exchanged every day. No barriers to entry and low switching costs, have made the cyber arena a lucrative spot for malignant behaviors. Specifically, spammers, hackers, and "spiders" are growing concerns for all online businesses. There are lots of technical and fragmented information regarding cyber security, yet few (if any) has viewed it in a systematic way. Thus, this article is to introduce the essentials of cyber security to the business owners:

    I. Networks Matter
    Intra-office and extra-office networking among computers and servers are hot spots for attackers. Make sure you tie up your network security since any minor network security leak can compromise your whole company data.

    II. Physical Security
    As obvious as it sounds, many companies still operate with obsolete physical security systems and poor staff training programs.

    III. Database Hacking
    It is of utmost importance to monitor the people who maintain and manage your database. It is better to set different roles, each of which give staffs specific database access privileges.

    IV. Application Server Attacks
    There are five things you can do to protect your servers:
    1. Make sure to setup and test the redundancy servers properly
    2. Make routine backups as a second habit
    3. Define different roles and server access privileges if you have your own servers
    4. Check your server log periodically for any unusual activities
    5. Make sure the server firewalls and server load balancers (if you have one) are setup properly.

    V. Mail Server Hacking
    Sometimes attackers can hack your mail server and spam, or impersonate others, as though the mails would be sent from you. For instance, a hacker can send fake emails to all your users and ask them to change their username and/or password in an effort to hijack their account credentials. Since users receive emails allegedly on behalf of your company, they will be willing to trust it and share their info.

    Stay tuned for Part 2.....