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Another Ambitious Entrepreneurial Company Was Launched By The University of Maryland (UMD) Alumnus

  • Posted: Thursday June 6th
  • Out of the necessity to launch a start up company, DC Web Makers was born. Back in 2011, Matt Zand was arduously trying to find a developer partner for its business ideas, yet all of the doors were closed to him. Motivated by countless rejections from developers and friends, he decided to learn programming from scratch, in spite of his background in Business. Sure enough, he fell in love with programming and decided to launch a web and mobile development company, or so called DC Web Makers. In just one and a half years, he turns a one bedroom basement office into a 1200 square feet office, with 10 staff members.

    He tenaciously fostered his big picture and technical knowledge of programming. Eager to expand its experience and build a strong portfolio, he took big projects at low prices from local clients via Craiglist and even for free. Indeed, his very first freelancer project was a big custom social site. He teamed up with two UMD students, who assisted him in programming. They were able to deliver a big social site in three months. Back in 2011, Matt was living in a one bedroom basement in Metzerott Rd, College Park. He used that room as a business office for communicating with clients while meeting them at Starbucks in downtown College Park. After just three months, Matt developed a business plan and launched the DC Web Makers Company. On December 2011, Matt leased an office with three rooms in Greenbelt, MD.

    Inspired by challenging projects and passion for learning more, DC Web Makers committed all of its resources for one and a half years to developing three big applications (website and mobile Apps): WEG2G, which stands for "We Go Together, We Get Together, We Group Together," is a special online group meet-up website that offers many advance features such as connections, Groups, Plans, and Events. Above Zest offers tours, concerts, Connection House, Book Planet, PickMeUp, and VIP services. High School Technology Services is a nonprofit company that mainly provides unprivileged high schools with IT services.

    The growth of DC Web Makers has been made possible with zero marketing and advertising budgets up to this date. The company used Craiglist for advertising and client acquisitions purposes. It was not until recently that the company decided to use social media, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Blogging, for customer developments. For instance, DC Web Makers blog was launched on January 2013, with a variety of organic topics from cyber security to programming. The exemplary advances of the company mainly were possible by many bright young programmers from UMD, rather than any overseas staff or abroad subcontractors. Indeed, Matt refuses to accept any offer made via overseas subcontractors.

    In an effort to get back to its community, DC Web Makers has developed an advanced mobile App for local restaurants, so that they can easily share their deals and coupons with prospect customers. The app is to be launched in Fall 2013, and for the first phase, it will be available to the residents of College Park, MD.

    Although, DC Web Makers is a young IT company, it was among the pioneer mobile App developer companies in DC, MD, and VA. Specifically, unlike the other old website developer companies, DC Web Makers was among the rare companies that were able to adopt mobile App developments rapidly. The company is to add two more line of services by the end of 2013: small business solutions and patient-doctor appointment App. Also, they plan to expand its services to DC and VA. In particular, the company is going to open new offices in Alexandria, VA, and Friendship Height, DC, by the end of this year.